Vets in Llandudno Junction (LL31 9BZ)

The veterinarians in Llandudno Junction perform a wide range of tasks, including:

  • examinate animals
  • diagnose animals’ health problems
  • perform surgery on animals
  • test for diseases
  • vaccinate against diseases
  • do research of medical conditions
  • operate medical equipment e.g. x-ray machines
  • give medical owners advice about general care, medical conditions, and treatments
  • precribe medication

Among the veterinarians in Llandudno Junction you can find all the common types of this profession:

companion animal veterinarians:

  • treat pets
  • typically work in private clinics
  • take care, at least for most of the time, of cats and dogs, birds, ferrets and rabbits
  • typical tasks of this type of profession include the diagnosis of animal health problems, consulting with owners of animals, and the carrying out of medical procedures (vaccination, setting fractures)

equine veterinary surgeons:

  • work with horses

food animal vets:

  • work with farm animals such as sheep, cattle, pigs etc.
  • workplace is generally a farm or a ranch
  • typical tasks include treating illnesses and injuries as well as testing farm animals for different diseases, vaccinate against diseases, give advice to owners and managers about important issues such as feeding, housing, and general health practises

food safety and inspection veterinary physicians in Conwy:

  • check livestock and animal products e.g. for transmittable diseases
  • administer governement food safety regulations
  • inspect food purity as well as sanitation
  • there is also the possibility to work along the country’s borders in food safety and security with the aim to guarantee well-provided food supplies

research vets

  • workplace is typically a laboratory
  • duties comprise clinical research on human and animal health problems, the carrying out of tests on animals in order to identify the consequences of drug therapies but also the execution of different types of surgical techniques, prevention, control and extermination of all kinds of food-and animal-bore diseases

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